Villiger Lift System – Quadromat (Lift System for Standard Compactors)

Country of Origin: Switzerland

This makes it a giant
Underground pressing stations compress recyclable materials and residual waste and thus significantly minimize the stored volume. Installed underground, they also do not disturb the visual impression of the surroundings and do not take up any space. The only visible parts are the elegant throw-in columns with an access system. In addition, there are no odor emissions. For emptying, the waste systems are lifted out by a hydraulic system.

Huge savings in fuel costs and CO2 emissions
Greater capacity through compaction in the container. Let us give you a practical example: A residential complex of 400 people, where approx. 0.4 kg of residual waste per person per day is generated, which leads to an annual waste volume of 58,400 kg. One QMK 650-31 with a compactor of 18-20 m3 capacity is all that is required to cover this waste volume. It only needs to be emptied every 50 days, which corresponds to 7 times per year.


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