Intercare Toilet Sanitizer Refills, which come in 300ml will match all your Sanitizers requirements in UAE. This product is one of the best Personal Care & Hygiene/Sanitizers from Intercare. Our toilet seat cleaner & sanitizer meets all the company standards when it comes to safety, durability & hygiene.

Intercare’s Toilet Seat Cleaner Refill gives you instant disease-free toilet seats. Quickly vaporizing and gentle with all skin types.

The powerful sanitizing solution for the Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispensers kills up to 99.9% of germs to give your instant germ-free toilet seats. After the quick action, the dosage instantly vaporizes to ensure the absence of any cross-contamination.

The Toilet Sanitizer Refill for the Auto Toilet Sanitizer Dispenser features Toilet/Urinal Cleaning, function as a Deodorization, and Sanitization.

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