The Maxi Roll Dispenser is the most commonly used tissue paper solution for kitchens and food preparation areas. Practical and efficient for wiping uses. It dispenses Maxi Roll Centrefeed Tissues that are strong and highly absorbent. The maxi roll tissue dispenser is quick, making it easy to clean and use at places such as hospitals, clinics, gyms, kitchens, etc.

Although these dispensers are manually operated, they are mostly hands-free and reduce the risk of transmission of viruses or any other bacteria with the full coverage design of this dispenser that protects the tissues against water and dust. It even avoids wastage of the paper rolls and gives the best look to the places where it is kept.

Different types of maxi roll dispensers for different usage:
1- Maxi Roll Reflex Dispensers (control the consumption with sheet-by-sheet dispensing).
2- Maxi Roll Continuous Dispensers (for easier and fast pulling for high usage).

Intercare is known to be the leading tissue partner in UAE and we ensure we live up to that name.

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