Being the leading Centrefeed Maxi tissue Roll Supplier, Intercare assures superiority in terms of quality and quantity. Suitable for use in centrefeed dispensers, this pack contains six white 2ply rolls.

Maxi Roll Tissue is one of the most functional, hygienic, and simple wiping rolls systems of towel paper. It is a practical, efficient, and fast-pulling system for wiping uses (mainly for kitchens, food preparation areas, hospitals, hotels, clubs, gyms, etc). Centrefeed maxi rolls dispenser refills are known as soft and strong papers for high absorbency. Different sizes are available (mini, midi, and maxi rolls).

Maxi Tissue Rolls (Centrefeed Wiping Rolls) are basically categorized into:

  • Perforated Tissue Rolls into sheets for easier pulling.
  • Non-perforated Rolls (continuous flow).

Why Perforated Tissue Rolls ?
› Control the consumption with perforation system.
› Easier pulling (operable with one hand).

Why Non-perforated Tissue Rolls ?
› Continuous flow (easier for getting more paper).
› Fast for high usage.

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