Being the leading Air Fresheners & Diffuser refills Manufacturer, Intercare assures superiority in terms of quality and quantity.

The air freshener importance comes from air care needs for protecting the air from bad odor and preventing insects from coming again. Pleasant smells are also associated with hygiene and cleanliness. Intercare offers air fresheners in a wide range of scents and in various forms: from spray refills, through Automatic air fresheners, to scented Sachets and diffuser refills. Intercare offers flexible solutions for you, so you can create the best scent experience for your customers.

The different air freshener fragrances give you more options to differentiate the places by using various flavors in hotels, offices, restaurants, hospitals, Washroom, home, food courts, schools, prayer rooms, dining room, car, etc.

Besides that, we also target specific areas with a standalone Refills for diffuser machine, or create location-wide experiences through ducted A/C diffusers types. The diffuser air freshener fills the air with tiny, breathable particles of beneficial essential aroma oils, creating a calmer and more pleasant atmosphere in the room. For the best use of fragrance oils, we need an efficient diffuser that transforms fragrance into mist and spray.

Spray System: Can be used everywhere (configure the dispenser depending on the traffic).
Wick System: To be used for places with high traffic to perform perfuming the going air.
Air Diffuser System: To be used for large halls and lobbies with advanced program systems.
Sachet System: To be used on doors or elevators where air is always moving.

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