Intercare Limited is specialized in manufacturing Liquid & Foam Hand Wash and Sanitizer Refills in the UAE. The Hand Wash comes in Liquid & foam and sanitizer comes in Gel.

The materials containing antibacterial disinfectant scented with different fragrances for hygienic hand washing. They can be used everywhere humans live, washrooms, kitchens, food preparation areas and all facilities.

Hand wash, soap and hand sanitizer come in normal cans or disposable cartridges and pouches:

Hand wash, soap & sanitizer are consumable products, Facility management companies always have the consumption concern as a challenge. Intercare Limited provides a wide range of solutions for that purpose (direct fill, disposable cartridges and pouches), different types and fragrances are designed for different applications (cream soap, foam, heavy duty hand wash and hand sanitizer).

The refills are available in 5 liters direct fill, 1 liter bottle, 1 liter cartridge, 300ml pump bottles, and 60ml handy bottle. The direct refill design makes it suitable with most of the Hand Wash dispensers in the market.

Our Hand Sanitizer range is APPROVED by Dubai Municipality as ‘Alco-Gel’ Hand Sanitizer which consists of 60-70 Ethyl Alcohol.

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