Hand Wash Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser UAE Supplier – Intercare Limited is specialized supplier in UAE.

Hand Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser is a device that dispenses the liquid & gels in different forms (soap, foam and sanitizer). It can be manual or automatic operated (touchless with sensor). Hand wash soap & sanitizer dispensers are common hygienic solution for public washrooms in washing areas, designed for cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, food courts, malls, offices, companies, facilities, homes, etc ..

Hand wash soap & sanitizer dispensers are categorized into two types:

› Refillable soap/sanitizer dispensers (with tank design for manual filling).
› Non-refillable soap/sanitizer dispensers (cartridge or pouch disposable refills).

Why Refillable soap/sanitizer dispensers ?
› Save the cost of disposable cartridges.
› Requires maintenance and cleaning.
› Suitable for home uses and low traffic places.
› Can be filled with liquid soap or hand sanitizer.

Why Non-Refillable soap/sanitizer dispensers ?
› Hygienic , use the refill once and through it.
› Does not require any maintenance or cleaning.
› Designed for public washrooms with normal and high traffic.
› Liquid soap, foam and sanitizer cartridges are available.

All hand wash soap & sanitizer dispensers supplied by Intercare are wall mounted so they are packed with screws (automatic dispensers are packed with batteries as well).

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