Soap dispensers allow you to offer liquid hand soap by the washbasins in a streamlined and economic way. Users activate the dispenser by pump or sensor and a set amount of hand soap will be ejected onto their hands.

Liquid or foam soap dispensers come in a wide variety of styles. Panel mounted soap dispensers are very discreet and the only part that is seen by the user is a spout that protrudes from the wall behind washbasins. Mostly push activated, these dispensers pull soap from a reservoir that can be accessed beneath the vanity unit, or behind the wall panel.

Rather than use traditional bars of soap, which can become quite messy, liquid soap/sanitizer dispensers allow you to keep your washroom looking slick and smart. Soap dispensers are often wall-mounted, due to the frequent use they see you’ll need to ensure they’re installed securely. There are many sensor-activated soap/sanitizer dispensers available to you these days, offering several benefits. As well as controlling the amount of soap delivered to each user, they never need to physically be touched.

Hand Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser is a device that dispenses the liquid & gels in different forms (soap, foam and sanitizer). It can be manual or automatic operated (touchless with sensor). Hand wash soap & sanitizer dispensers are common hygienic solutions for public washrooms in washing areas, designed for cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, food courts, malls, offices, companies, facilities, homes, etc.

Hand wash soap & sanitizer dispensers are categorized into two types:

  • Refillable soap/sanitizer dispensers (with tank design for manual filling).
  • Non-refillable soap/sanitizer dispensers (cartridge or pouch disposable refills).

Why Refillable soap/sanitizer dispensers?

  • Save the cost of disposable cartridges.
  • Requires maintenance and cleaning.
  • Suitable for home uses and low traffic places.
  • Can be filled with liquid soap or hand sanitizer.

Why Non-Refillable soap/sanitizer dispensers?

  • Hygienic, use the refill once and through it.
  • Does not require any maintenance or cleaning.
  • Designed for public washrooms with normal and high traffic.
  • Liquid soap, foam and sanitizer cartridges are available.

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