Toilet Roll & Paper Dispensers by Intercare Limited UAE

You cannot have a washroom of any kind without a toilet roll or tissue paper dispenser. Most often the common toilet roll holder is sufficient, however for busy restrooms conventional toilet paper rolls will need replacing frequently. Therefore, large Commercial Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll dispensers are a great choice. More than twice the size of normal toilet rolls, they’ll need replacing much less often. Alternatively, you can go for a Vertical Toilet Tissue Dispenser that holds two rolls. As one roll comes to an end, the next simply drops down to replace it.

  • Wall-mounted, & easy to use and install.
  • Available in manual & Automatic (Sensor) Dispensers. Ideal for home usage or commercial applications.

Two main types of toilet paper dispensers are available:

  • Roll toilet paper dispenser (mini and midi sizes).
  • Folded toilet paper holder (interfold, single fold, C-fold, Z-fold).

Toilet roll dispensers are available in different designs:

The sensor toilet paper dispenser provides sheet-by-sheet dispensing and that advantage is important to reduce the consumption by dispensing only one sheet every pull. All folded toilet paper holders provide sheet-by-sheet dispensing so you can control the consumption.

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