Air Freshener Dispenser UAE Supplier – Intercare Limited is specialized supplier in UAE.

Wide range of air freshener dispensers supplied to be suitable for different places (hotel rooms, corridors, show room, offices, hospitals, work facilities, cinemas, restaurants, stores, conference rooms, malls, markets, shops, coffees, food courts, food preparation areas, washrooms, rooms, kitchens, schools, prayer rooms, dining room, homes, cars, etc) to enhance the image of the place and give your guests impression of hygiene and cleanness. White and chrome colors are available of each dispenser.

The air freshener dispenser importance comes from air care need for automatic system for protecting the air from bad odor and preventing insects from coming again.

Air Freshener Dispensers are categorized into:

Spray System

Can be used everywhere (configure the dispenser depending on the traffic).

Wick System

To be used for places with high traffic to perform perfuming the going air.

Air Diffuser System

To be used for large halls and lobbies with advanced program system.

Sachet System

To be used on doors or elevators where air is always moving.

All air freshener dispensers are packed with screws for wall mounting. We believe in service, we supply air freshener dispensers and refills on monthly service basis and that makes Intercare one of the leading suppliers of air freshener dispensers in UAE.

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