Toilet Roll & Toilet Paper UAE Supplier – Intercare Limited is Specialized Supplier in UAE.

Toilet Roll & Paper is the most common tissue paper product used in every toilet cubicle, When toilet roll & toilet tissue paper comes to mind, many parameters are to be considered, such as quality (commercial, soft, extra soft, advanced and premium), hygiene (touch-free), consumption, service required, etc ..

Toilet Roll & Paper are basically categorized into many types based on the dispensers:

› Toilet tissue roll for toilet roll holder (universal size for the holders available in the market).
› Toilet tissue roll for toilet roll dispenser (wide range of designs based on the usage).
› Toilet folded tissue paper for folded paper dispenser (single fold, z-fold, c-fold and multi-folded).
› Toilet seat cover paper (bring extra hygiene to the public washrooms, consider valuing the guests’ satisfaction).

The first worry for any facility management is the consumption, toilet tissue rolls & papers are consumable products, therefore Intercare provides different solutions for that purpose. The sheet-by-sheet toilet tissue rolls & papers are the best solution to control the consumption, as well as they are operable by one hand which means extra hygiene (touch-free).

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