Best Tissue Rolls & Toilet Paper Refills for the affordable price, with the amazing discounts & get home delivery across UAE. Bulk buy online your toilet paper at Intercare!

Welcome to Intercare, largest suppliers of Washroom Hygiene Products in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi. The Toilet Tissue rolls are the most commonly used in washroom cleaning products. When toilet paper comes to mind, many parameters are to be considered, such as quality (commercial, soft, extra soft, advanced and premium), hygiene (touch-free), consumption, service required.

Toilet Roll & Paper are basically categorized into many types based on the dispensers:

  • Toilet tissue roll for toilet roll holder (universal size for the holders available in the market).
  • Toilet tissue roll for paper roll dispenser (wide range of designs based on the usage).
  • Toilet folded tissue paper for folded paper dispenser (single fold, z-fold, c-fold and multi-folded).
  • Toilet seat cover paper (bring extra hygiene to the public washrooms, consider valuing the guests’ satisfaction).

The first worry for any facility management is the consumption, toilet tissue rolls & papers are consumable products, therefore Intercare provides different solutions for that purpose. The sheet-by-sheet toilet tissue rolls & papers are the best solution to control the consumption, as well as they are operable by one hand which means extra hygiene (touch-free).

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