Being the leading Tissue Refills & Paper Towel Supplier, Intercare assures superiority in terms of quality and quantity.

Hand towel is common as towel paper, tissue paper or towel roll, mainly used for drying the hands and wiping hands and surfaces.

Two main types of hand towel tissue paper:

  • Folded hand towel paper & facial tissue (interfold, single fold, C-fold, Z-fold, etc).
  • Roll towel paper (auto cut).

When hand towel tissue paper comes to mind, the most important feature is our single-sheet Towel Tissue dispensing dispensers which will help to reduce wastage of tissues, thereby helping us with our sustainability goal. The paper towels come in two different styles – embossed or plain and can be perforated or non-perforated. The folded hand towel tissue is dispensed one by one as well.

Different types of hand towel tissue papers are available to cover all the commercial places (cafes, restaurants, banks, hotels, hospitals, food courts, food preparation areas, washrooms, malls, offices, companies, facilities, etc).

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