Auto urinal sanitizer dispenser & Seat Cleaners Dispensers are one of the most known items used to optimize the hygiene in the public toilets & washrooms.

Toilet Auto Sanitizer Dispensers provide continuous touch-free hygiene and maintenance programs for toilets and urinals with a continuous supply of Toilet Sanitizer Refill. Very effective solution for keeping toilets and urinals clean, hygienic and presentable. This automatic Toilet Dripping Dispenser is a great addition to our washroom package. The auto urinal drip sanitizer dispenser concentrates enzymatic toilet descalers directly into the cistern to ensure your toilets remain clean and fresh.

Toilet Seat Cleaner Dispensers also allow the users to sanitize & clean the toilet seat before using it. The tiny droplets of flush spray that land on seats and cause risk of cross-contamination. The subtly fragranced, alcohol-based solution dries quickly to leave the toilet seat fresh and clean. This gives your washroom visitors an extra level of assurance when they use your toilets. The dispenser fits neatly on the cubicle wall and provides users with a convenient and hygienic way to clean the toilet before use.

The idea is to spray a sanitizing foam on a few sheets of Toilet Tissue Roll & Paper to wipe clean the toilet seat. These units are perfect for high traffic toilets where users aren’t as hygienic as they could be. After the seat has been wiped, simply throw the paper into the toilet and flush it away.

Intercare offers additional accessories including feminine hygiene, commercial air fresheners, commercial hand soap dispensers, nappy disposal services, and more.

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