Looking for a reliable supplier of fly killers in UAE? Look no further than Intercare Limited! Our specialized range of insect killers, also known as fly traps or fly killers, come in two main categories:

Electric Insect Killers

  • 100% safe with protective grids to prevent electrical shocks
  • Easy maintenance with only monthly tray cleaning required
  • Long-lasting tube life of up to 2 years
  • Wall-mounted design with screws included

Glue Board Insect Killers

  • Ideal for decorative places where the effects of killing flies and insects need to be hidden
  • High-efficiency design for cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other luxurious places
  • Shows your commitment to your visitors and guests
  • Regular maintenance required (changing glue boards and tube replacements every 1-2 years)
  • Wall-mounted design with screws included

At Intercare, we prioritize service and offer replacement and spare parts for all of our pest control tools. Purchase your insect killer online today and experience the benefits of a professional fly control machine for your space. Our electric insect killers offer 100% safety with protective grids, easy maintenance, long-lasting tube life of up to 2 years, and a wall-mounted design with screws included. Our glue board insect killers are ideal for decorative places and also feature a wall-mounted design with screws included. Trust Intercare for all of your insect control needs!

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