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Fly/Insects Killer

Fly/Insects Killer

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Intercare Ltd. supplies an Extensive Range of Insect/Fly Killers in the UAE

Intercare Limited has been a leading provider of an extensive range of Insect/Fly Killers (Glue Board and Electric Insect Killer) along with 6 months warranty and installation services in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah) for over a decade. The enterprise’s extensive range of products and services are sustainable and environment-friendly, using fewer natural resources to clean the floors than conventional cleaning methods.

Fly Killers (also known as Fly Traps or Insect Killers) are basically categorized into:
1. Glue Board Insect/Fly Killer
2. Electric Insect/Fly killer

Features: Glue Board Insect/Fly Killer
1. For places where we need to hide the effects of killing the flies and insects, such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, luxurious places, food courts, and food preparation areas.
2. These come in sleek designs with high efficiency.
3. Best recommended for decorative places.
4. It shows your commitment to interesting your visitors and guests.
5. Continuous servicing is required for Insect killer’s Glue Board such as changing the glue board period of time
6. The lifetime for the tubes ranges from 1 to 2 years).
Features: Electric Insect/Fly Killers
7. For places where the priority is less to hide the effects of killing the insects, such as shops, warehouses, passages, loading bay areas, offices, malls, etc.
8. The electric insect killers are 100% safe against electrical shocks because it is protected by grids that don’t allow you to enter your finger.
9. It needs less maintenance (you only need to clean the tray every month and the lifetime for the tubes ranges from 1 to 2 years).

All insect killers supplied by Intercare Limited are wall mounted hence a screw pack comes with each product. Moreover, we provide tools and refills used to maintain and disinfect a certain environment from insects.


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