Hand Towel Paper Dispenser UAE Supplier – Intercare Limited is Specialized supplier in UAE.

Hand towel paper dispenser is a device that dispenses paper towel or tissue for hand drying, It can be operated either manually by pulling the towel or automatic via motion sensor. All dispensers are packed with screws for mounting on the wall.

Two types of hand towel paper dispensers are available:

› Roll paper towel dispenser (auto cut type).
› Folded paper towel tissue dispenser (interfold, single fold, C-fold, Z-fold, .. etc).

Normally hand towel paper dispensers offer sheet-by-sheet dispensing whether are roll dispensers or folded tissue paper dispensers, and that feature is done by internal teeth for the following purposes:
› Easier pulling by one hand.
› To reduce the consumption by dispensing only one sheet every pull.
› Hygienic : users will touch only the towel they use.

Paper towel dispensers are common hygienic solution for public washroom in washing areas, and they are specialized for cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, food courts, malls, offices, companies, facilities, etc ..

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