With the increasing importance given to hygiene, it is vital to keep all areas as clean as possible. A Tissue Hand Towel Dispenser can be an optimal hygienic solution for both high and low traffic areas. Hand towels in a wall-mounted dispenser helps to keep the towels neat, dry and free from contamination and also helps in reducing waste by presenting one towel at a time.

Paper towel dispensers are the workhorse of any washroom. One of the most widespread and popular methods of hand drying, the humble paper towel is fast, efficient and reliable.
Most paper towel dispensers work by housing a stacked deck of carefully folded disposable hand towels. They are placed in the dispenser and accessed from a slot at the bottom. Paper towels are stacked in a special way so that as the bottom towel is pulled through the dispenser, the folded edge of the next paper towel will hang down ready for the next user.

Two main types of hand towel tissue paper:

  • Folded hand towel paper & facial tissue (interfold, single fold, C-fold, Z-fold).
  • Roll towel paper (auto cut).

When hand towel tissue paper comes to mind, the most important feature is to reduce the towel used, auto cut type provides sheet-by-sheet dispensing to ensure reducing the consumption (recommended for public washrooms). folded hand towel tissue is dispensed one by one as well.

Different types of hand towel tissue paper are available to cover all the commercial places such as cafes, restaurants, banks, hotels, hospitals, food courts, food preparation areas, washrooms, malls, offices, companies, etc).

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