Sanitary Lady & Baby bins UAE Supplier – Intercare Limited is Specialized Supplier in UAE.

The Sanitary Bins (also known as Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bins) are used in toilet cubicles of the public washrooms facilities to provide maximum hygienic environment for your females and families, offering a discreet and convenient method of hygiene.

Sanitary bins are categorized into:
› Lady bins (which is also known as feminine hygiene bins).
› Baby bins.

Lady and baby bins are available in different designs, capacities, functions and colors to suit the design of the toilet cubicles of the public washrooms facilities. Touch less lady bins (with sensors) are available in white and chrome colors to provide high hygienic standards, bins with pedals are also recommended for feminine toilets with less service. Different lady and baby bins capacities are available to be suitable with the toilet facilities traffic.

Intercare Washroom & Hygiene is specialized supplier for the sanitary bins (lady & baby bins). The waste disposables (sanitary napkins, tampons and panty pads) are also available along with the bins as a service.

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