Solar Waste Bin – WasteMate 240

Country of Origin: Netherlands

The WasteMate 240 is the largest smart and sustainable waste bin and is powered completely self-sufficiently through a solar panel on top. This waste bin is very suitable for installation at busy locations with a peak load in a short time, for example on festival grounds or nearby football stadiums. The waste is compacted 5 to 8 times by the built-in baler. A built-in press compacts the waste as much as possible, and a sensor and GPS system together ensure efficient waste collection. Monitoring is done remotely by the CleanCityManager platform.

The solid construction of this waste bin makes it highly resistant to damage and vandalism. The throw-in flap can be closed remotely for safety reasons.

Product Features:

  • Significant reduction in collection costs
  • Online monitoring via portal or app, anywhere and anytime
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions through efficient waste collection
  • Vandal-proof due to robust material
  • Insert without touching by means of a foot pedal
  • For standard 240-liter wheelie bin

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