City Solar – Solar Waste Bin Compactor

Country of Origin: Finland

CitySolar is the most powerful smart bin compactor on the market. Powered by solar energy, the CitySolar compacting bin compresses and stores the same amount of refuse as twenty traditional 60-ltr street bins.  CitySolar fits a standard 120 or 240-litre wheeled litter bin that can be emptied with the container tipping device of a waste truck. The CitySolar wheelie bin compactor automatically reports accurate fill-level information to waste management.

Product Features:

  1. Largest capacity – Waste capacity of more than 1,200 ltr.
  2. Patented compaction system – The patented compaction system allows you to maximize the use of the bin’s capacity.
  3. No false readings – No unreliable measurement results based on ultrasonic or laser technology. Patented fill-level measurement technology.
  4. 100% solar-powered – Designed and tested to work in Nordic light conditions.
  5. 2-in-1 inner container – The only product on the market with an adjustable inner container: easy to switch from 120 ltrs to 240 ltrs. The smaller container can be emptied manually
  6. Safety and ergonomics – The standard 240-ltr container (EN-840) can be emptied mechanically, avoiding any risks related to manual emptying, e.g. back problems.
  7. Easy to use and maintain – CitySolar has been designed considering the needs of both the end user and maintenance. Ergonomic and simple to use and maintain with easy to replace compo­nents
  8. Corrosion-resistant materials – Made from aluminum and stainless steel.
  9. Cost-effective – The biggest savings are gained when both the costs and the carbon footprint are con­sidered
  10. Real-time data in our cloud service – The FinbinCare cloud service shows the bin’s fill level and other informa­tion in real-time.

Materials: Aluminum and stainless steel are corrosion-resistant materials. The bins are powder-coated.


height: 1,440 mm

width: 750 mm

depth (with foot pedal) 910 mm

filler hole: 160 x 380 mm

Inner container: standard 240 l waste container (EN-840)

Capacity: At least 1,200 litres

Solar panel

Solar panel: min. 50 WBattery: min. 50 AH

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