Alpina-E-Gum – Chewing Gum Remover (Walk Behind)

Code: FCMIMC00018

Country of Origin: Belgium

The E-Handy is a lightweight and low-profile machine that is easy to transport and store. Equipped with a shoulder strap, it is an idea for both indoor and outdoor areas, including theatres, stadiums, airplanes, buses, and schools. It uses electric heating to remove gum and other sticky residues from walls and surfaces.

Product Features:
1. Revolutionary Battery Operation:
No trailing leads
* No generators – silent operation!
* Equipped with battery indicator
* Alarm sounds when the battery is low
* Water-level sensors and alarm
* Dry-run protection guaranteed
2. The E-Gum is the perfect combination of reliability and green
It runs on a 37V rechargeable LI battery, requiring no gas and no high-voltage electricity. Using an environmentally-friendly chemical solution, the E-Gum can remove each gum residue in 3 seconds. Its lightweight and portable machinery mean it is easy to use outdoors on pavements and tarmac, as well as indoors on carpet.

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