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Air Freshener Astonish Fragrance Spray 90ml


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Country of origin: UAE


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The Air Freshener Astonish Fragrance importance comes from Air care need for protecting the air from bad odor and preventing insects from coming again. It is 100% eco-friendly and safe near food.

Transform the ambiance of your space with Astonish Air Freshener Spray. This 90 ml fragrance spray is the best choice for long-lasting freshness for home & commercial use. As one of the leading air freshener manufacturers and suppliers in the UAE, we offer a premium selection of air fresheners to enhance your environment.

Our Astonish Air Freshener Spray is designed to provide a burst of delightful fragrance that instantly refreshes the air. With its convenient spray dispenser, you can easily control the intensity and coverage, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

As a reputable air freshener supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the entire UAE, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Our air freshener spray is formulated with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a long-lasting and captivating fragrance experience.

Experience the best air freshener fragrance that lingers in the air, eliminating unpleasant odors and leaving behind a clean and inviting scent. Whether you need to freshen up your home, office, or bathroom, our Astonish Air Freshener Spray is the perfect solution.

With our online purchasing option, you can conveniently buy air freshener online at the best price. We provide a hassle-free shopping experience and reliable delivery to your doorstep, ensuring your space is always filled with delightful fragrance.

Don’t settle for ordinary air fresheners when you can have the best. Our Astonish Air Freshener Spray is the epitome of quality, providing you with a refreshing and long-lasting scent that elevates your surroundings.

Choose the trusted supplier for your air freshener needs. Buy our Astonish Air Freshener Spray online today and enjoy the perfect blend of freshness and fragrance.

Why Air Freshener Astonish Fragrance ?
› Recommended for washrooms, kitchens and food preparation areas.
› The common bottle size fits most of the dispensers in the market.

Content: 90 ml.
Scent: potpourri.
Scent family: floral.
System: spray.
Art no: CHFCRC00027.

Intercare Washroom & Hygiene guarantees the quality of the product . Its application recommendations are based on the test and practical experience .
we accept no responsibility for damage caused through improper use of the product .

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