Intercare Limited proudly presents our own manufactured hygiene refills in the UAE:

Tissue Roll & Toilet Paper: Experience comfort and cleanliness with our soft and high-quality products.
Liquid & Foam Hand Wash & Sanitizer Refills: Elevate hand hygiene with effective cleansing and protection.
Hand Paper Towel & Tissue Refills: Ensure efficient hand drying with our absorbent and durable solutions.
Toilet Sanitizer Refill: Maintain a germ-free restroom environment for enhanced well-being.
Air Fresheners & Air Diffuser Refills: Infuse your spaces with captivating scents that neutralize odors.
Maxi Tissue Roll Centrefeed Refills: Ideal for high-traffic areas, offering a continuous supply of tissue.

Choose Intercare for premium hygiene solutions that prioritize quality and innovation, creating a healthier and cleaner environment.

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