Intercare Mop Wringer


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Blue – FCHCJH00003
Green – FCHCJH00022
Red – FCHCJH00023
Yellow – FCHCJH00024

Country of origin: Turkey
Warranty: 6 months

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Only 2 left in stock

Intercare Mop Wringer UAE Supplier – Intercare Limited is specialized supplier in UAE.

The Intercare Mop Wringer is ideal for continuous professional use, the body is made of Polypropylene material which provides durability against chemical and corrosion. The Mop Wringer is available in different colors: blue, red, yellow and green.

Why Intercare Mop Wringer ?
› To be fixed to the bucket and used as squeezer for drying the mop.
› Its design with gear, gripping section, front and back sections are to ensure keeping the water inside during wringing process.
› The 1st class Eloxal coating gives protection to the aluminum parts.

Size (cm): 65 (height) x 40 (width) x 40 (depth).
Art no: FCHCJH00003/22/23/24.

Intercare Floorcare guarantees the quality of the product . Its application recommendations are based on the test and practical experience .
we accept no responsibility for damage caused through improper use of the product .

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