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Only 22 left in stock

Degreaser UAE Manufacturer 5 Ltrs, Intercare Limited is specialized manufacturer in UAE.

Degreaser is low foam heavy duty alkaline cleaner for hard surface cleaning with grease and oil. It is a clear colorless liquid which has no appreciable odor.

Why Degreaser ?
› The Solvent Degreaser is designed for use as a heavy duty general purpose engine and hard surface cleaner.
› It is powerful enough to cut through heavy deposit of grease and oil.
› Ideal for use in garages, workshops, kitchens and industrial floorings.
› The surfactant used in solvent degreaser is biodegradable.
› The product emulsifies grease and oil and holds it in suspension for easy removal.

How to use Degreaser ?
For removal of light to medium deposits of grease and oil, use one part of degreaser to 10 parts of water. For removal of traffic film, use one part of degreaser to 20 parts of water. For heavy soilage, use one part of degreaser to 5 parts of water.

Content: 5 Ltrs (also available in sizes of 25 and 200 Ltrs).
Art no: CHFCIP00015.

Intercare Chemicals guarantees the quality of the product . Its application recommendations are based on the test and practical experience and accepts no responsibility for damage caused through improper use of the product .

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