Wet Mop UAE Supplier – Intercare Limited is leading supplier in UAE.

Every mop set is made of three main parts, mop handle, mop holder and mop head (sleeve). As mops are used for wet cleaning, aluminum and stainless steel handles are always recommended for wet floor moping. while handles and holders differ as the mops differ. Wet mops are basically categorized into:
1- Kentucky mops.
2- Microfiber flat mops.

Kentucky mops look cheaper at the beginning (20% of the microfiber price), Most of the sellers prefer selling Kentucky mobs because of the continuous consuming by their customers which means continuous sales!

Microfiber flat mops remove up to 99.98% of bacteria and fungi thanks to their mechanical action and properties, the very thin fibers can reach all the micro pores of the surface to clean, trapping not only dirt but also bacteria. Microfiber Mops last much longer (300-500) washes and requires quarter of the chemical solution quantity used with Kentucky mops.

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