Fly Killer UAE Supplier – Intercare Limited is Specialized supplier in UAE.

Fly Killers (also known as Fly Traps or Insect Killers) are basically categorized into:
› Glue Board insect killer (commercial, stainless steel, decorative and industrial).
› Electric insect killer (white and stainless steel with different sizes).

Why Glue Board Insect Killer ?
› For places where we need to hide the effects of killing the flies and insects, such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, luxurious places, food courts, food preparation areas.
› Its design is for decorative places with high efficiency.
› It shows your commitment of interesting about your visitors and guests.
› Continuous service is needed for glue boards insect killers (changing the glue boards period of time and the lifetime for the tubes ranges from 1 to 2 years).

Why Electric Insect Killers ?
› For places where the priority is less to hide the effects of killing the insects, such as shops, warehouses, passages, loading bay areas, offices, malls .. etc.
› The electric insect killers are 100% safe against the electrical shocks because it is protected by grids which don’t allow you to enter your finger.
› It needs less maintenance (you only need to clean the tray every month and the lifetime for the tubes ranges from 1 to 2 years).

All insect killers supplied by Intercare are wall mounted so they are packed with screws. We believe in service, we look after you buy and supply the replacement and spare parts of all pest control tools.

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