Barefoot & Wetside Mats

Barefoot & Wetside Mats UAE Supplier – Intercare Limited is specialized supplier in UAE.

Our barefoot, wetside and leisure matting provides a lightweight, safe and economical solution for a wide range of wet areas.

The perfect combination of slip resistance, superior hygiene and comfort underfoot, our barefoot and wetside matting can be used in a huge range of wet environments, from gyms, leisure centres, outdoor decking areas and boats to swimming pool surrounds, bathing areas and changing rooms.

The non-porous construction is naturally resistant to oils and chemicals, while the etched surface creates traction underfoot, helping to prevent accidents. All of our matting contains permanent anti-microbial and anti-fungal additives, which helps protect fungal and bacterial contamination. Providing continuous hygiene is crucial in wet and humid environments, especially when there’s direct skin contact.

All of our barefoot matting is UV resistant, so can be used outside or inside with no risk of fading. You can choose from rolls that can be loose laid, or in interlocking tiles, so installation is quick and easy. And the lightweight construction means the matting can be quickly and easily lifted for cleaning and storage.

Why Barefoot & Wetside Mats ?
› For walkways where drainage, comfort and hygiene are needed, such as swimming pool surrounds, jacuzzis, saunas and ablution areas.
› In changing rooms and locker rooms where comfort and hygiene are needed.
› In water polo matches and poolside coaching where field marking is required.
› For wave simulators.


Self-draning barefoot matting designed for wet areas with high traffic.

Keep bathing and washing areas safe with Heronrib, the ultimate slip-resistant sports and leisure matting designed to withstand extensive barefoot traffic in wet areas.

Made from strong, non-porous PVC with channelled underbars, Heronrib automatically self-drains – even when faced with the largest amounts of water. Its embossed surface provides a strong grip underfoot, while the antimicrobial and antifungal additives ensures superior hygienic matting.

This winning combination of slip-resistance, drainage and hygiene makes it the ideal swimming pool matting. It’s also a great choice for wet areas like jacuzzis, saunas, changing rooms and gyms.

Why Heronrib Barefoot & Wetside Mats?
› Embossed surface: certified slip resistance.
› Two-layer construction and channelled underbars: four-way drainage.
› Anti-microbial and anti-fungal additives: excellent hygiene, easy to clean.
› Made from flexible PVC: easy to cut to fit; contours to uneven surfaces.
› UV resistant: can be used indoor or outdoor.

Height (mm): 10.5 ± 0.5.
Roll options (m): 10 x 0.6 OR 10 x 0.91 OR 10 x 1.22.
Weight: 5.5 Kg/m².


Light weight, slip-resistant matting designed for areas where water is present and spills are frequent.

One of our bestsellers, Floorline is perfect for any environment where liquid is present and cushioning is needed underfoot.

The mat’s open grid and embossed surface provides the highest slip resistance and drainage, making it an ideal choice for slippery walkways, like swimming pool surrounds, boats, outdoor decking, bar flooring and commercial kitchen floors. The antifungal properties protects bare feet in changing areas and leisure centres.

Made from a single tier of flexible PVC, Floorline is an incredibly lightweight floor mat, making it easy to carry, move and lift for cleaning. Extra soft underfoot, it’s also a popular choice for clubs, restaurants and bars where staff are standing, spillages are frequent and breakages likely.

Why Flooring Barefoot & Wetside Mats?
› Etched surface: certified slip resistant (DIN 51130: R11, DIN 51097: C, ASTM 1677: 1.0/0.8).
› Open-grid construction: excellent drainage (DIN 51130: V10).
› Anti-microbial and anti-fungal additives: excellent hygiene.
› Made from non-porous, flexible PVC.
› Comes in 10m (33′) rolls: quick to install.
› Flexible format: comes in 10m matting rolls; can be used indoor or outdoor.
› Simple installation: easy to cut on site; contours to uneven surfaces.
› Easy to maintain: light to handle; easy to clean.

Height (mm): 6 ± 0.5.
Roll options (m): 10 x 0.6 OR 10 x 0.91.
Weight: 3.7 Kg/m².


Slip-resistant, barefoot tiles designed to cover large wet areas seamlessly and easily.

With its click-together joining mechanism and PVC ramped edging, Herontile is perfect for large areas with lots of barefoot traffic, like swimming pools, locker rooms, changing rooms, shower rooms and wet rooms.

Made from soft Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and standing at 15mm tall, the matting tiles are designed to deliver extra comfort and excellent drainage. The embossed surface provides a strong grip underfoot, while the antimicrobial and antifungal additives ensures excellent hygiene.

This winning combination makes Herontile the ideal slip-resistant tile matting for swimming pools, gyms and leisure centres.

Why Herontile Barefoot & Wetside Mats?
› Embossed surface: certified slip resistance (DIN 51097: C).
› Elevated 15mm height: excellent drainage.
› Anti-microbial and anti-fungal additives: excellent hygiene.
› Tiles easily and securely click into place: seamless coverage of large areas.
› Flexible format: comes in a 33 x 33cm standard mat tile size.
› Simple installation: these click-together tiles easily and securely lock together.
› Easy to maintain: can be lifted for easy cleaning.

Height (mm): 15 ± 0.5.
Standard tile size (cm): 33 x 33 ± 1.
Weight: 4.5 Kg/m².


Soft matting specifically designed to protect surfers while riding wave machines.

Designed specifically to be placed over the metal grates at the back and front of surf simulator machines, PillogriD helps protect surfers while riding wave simulators.

A large open grid means exceptional drainage, while the soft vinyl and hollow tube construction provides extra cushioning and a safe landing on surf wave machines. The large roll format removes the need for joints in action areas.

Why PillogriD Barefoot & Wetside Mats?
› Hollow tube construction: soft landing.
› Large open grid format: high volume drainage.
› “D” profile for maximum weld strength: highly resistant and hard-wearing.
› Supplied in rolls or fabricated panels: quick to install.
› UV resistant: can be used indoor and outdoor.
› Flexible format: supplied in rolls or factory welded panels for quick and easy installation.
› Simple installation: easy to trim to fit, contours to the subsurface.
› Easy to maintain: hygienic, hard-wearing and UV resistant.

Height (mm): 20 ± 1.
Roll options (m): 10 x 0.91 OR 10 x 1.
Weight: 7.1 Kg/m².

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