Why Microfiber Flat Mop ? 7

Why Microfiber Flat Mop ?
What are the differences between Kentucky mops and microfiber flat mops ?
Why do we still see Kentucky mops in the market ?

Kentucky mops look cheaper at the beginning (20% of the microfiber price), here is the comparison between Kentucky mops and the microfiber flat mops:

Kentucky Mops Microfiber Flat Mops
Life Time Around 25 washes More than 300 washes
Weight Dry weight = 475 gms, wet weight ≈ 1 Kg ⇒ high effort is required for cleaning ⇒ more cleaners Dry weight = 115 gms, wet weight ≈ 0.25 Kg ⇒ low effort is required for cleaning ⇒ less cleaners
Cleaning Focus part  Only the connected part to the holder ⇒ less productivity The whole mop
Chemical Absorbency  4 multiples compared with microfiber flat mops ⇒ high consumption of the solution Quarter of the quantity used with Kentucky mops
Material  Cotton or cotton with polyester Microfiber is the main material
Washing temperature  40 to 60 °C ⇒ kill less bacteria 80 to 90 °C ⇒ kill the bacteria
Uses  For floor moping only ⇒ single use For mopping the floors, walls and ceilings ⇒ multipurpose
Storage  Big size ⇒ more space is required Thin design ⇒ less space is required


Most of the sellers prefer Kentucky mobs because of the continuous consuming by their customers which means continuous sales!

The microfiber flat mops remove up to 99.98% of bacteria and fungi thanks to their mechanical action and properties, the very thin fibers can reach all the micro pores of the surface to clean, trapping not only dirt but also bacteria.

We come again to ask Why Microfiber Flat Mops ?
› It guarantees excellent cleaning results thanks to its very thin fibers that can penetrate all micro pores of surfaces.
› It cleans much quicker with the minimum effort, if compared to traditional mops.
› It traps and absorbs any finest particle of dirt leaving a clean and smooth surface, no smearing and scratches.
› It’s an environmentally friendly product, as it reduces the necessary quantity of detergent, if compared with the one used for natural fibers.
› It lasts longer than any other fiber, standing up to 500 washes at 90 °C (according to the type of mop), using normal detergents for textiles, without softner or rinsing.

Would you like to invest your money with high quality Mop ?


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  2. microfiber is the best material for floor cleaning

  3. flat mops are good also for wide areas because of the fast performance

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