Disposable Face Mask (Surgical Type) 3 Ply – 50 PCs


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“Face Masks are a key measure to suppress transmission and save lives. they reduce potential exposure risk from an infected person whether they have symptoms or not. People wearing face masks are protected from getting infected. Face masks also prevent onward transmission when worn by a person who is infected”, Said by WHO.

Why Disposable Face Mask (Surgical Type) 3 Ply ?
› High bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE 99%).
› 160mmHg fluid splash protection.
› Lowest breathing resistance <6.0 mmH20/cm³.
› Hypoallergenic soft material.
› No fiberglass & no latex.
› Easy to wear.
› Does not contact nostrils or lips.
› Designed for medical use, particularly in higher risk & high-fluid situations.

Disposable Face Mask Wearing Tips:
1- Place the blue side of the mask facing outwards and the thin bendable wire across the bridge of your nose.
2- Stretch the face mask up and down to cover your nose and chin.
3- Never touch the outside of the mask while wearing it.

Disposable Face Mask Removing Tips:
1- Always wash your hands before removing the face mask.
2- As soon as the face mask becomes damp, wet or 4 hours of use pass, throw it away.
3- Never re-use single-use face mask.
4- Wash your hands with soap & water after disposing of a used mask.

Size (cm): 17.5 (length) x 9.5 (width).
Packing: 50 PCs per box (the price is for box).
Art no: WHMICO00026.

Intercare Washroom & Hygiene guarantees the quality of the product . Its application recommendations are based on the test and practical experience .
we accept no responsibility for damage caused through improper use of the product .

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