Abaya & Kandora Liquid Detergent + Fabric Softener


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Noon Liquid Detergent Abaya 1 Ltr + Noon Liquid Detergent Kandora 1 Ltr + Noon Fabric Softener Regular Rose Valley 4 Ltr

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Only 6 left in stock

Experience superior cleaning and long-lasting freshness with the Noon Bundle Offer. This exclusive package includes:

Noon Liquid Detergent Abaya 1 Ltr: Specially formulated to cleanse and preserve the beauty of abayas, this liquid detergent provides deep cleaning while maintaining the fabric’s color and texture. It effectively removes tough stains, leaving your abayas looking vibrant and fresh.

Noon Liquid Detergent Kandora 1 Ltr: Designed for kandoras, this liquid detergent delivers powerful cleaning performance while being gentle on the fabric. It effectively removes dirt, sweat, and odors, restoring the pristine appearance of your kandoras with every wash.

Noon Fabric Softener Regular Rose Valley 4 Ltr: Enhance the softness and fragrance of your clothes with this fabric softener. Infused with the delightful scent of rose valley, it leaves your garments feeling luxuriously soft, fresh, and delicately scented.

The Noon Bundle Offer combines the convenience of having specialized detergents for abayas and kandoras with the added benefit of a high-quality fabric softener. With this bundle, you can achieve outstanding results while taking care of your valuable clothing items.

Order the Noon Bundle Offer now and enjoy professional-grade laundry care in the comfort of your own home. Fast delivery available all over the UAE.

How to use Liquid Washing/Laundry Detergent?

  • Suitable for both front loading & top loading machines
  • Put 3/4 – 1 cap of liquid detergent into the dispensing drawer depending on your laundry load.
  • Always follow garment instructions.
  • Wash your hands after use.
  • Not intended for oral consumption, if swallowed seek medical advice.
  • If eye contact occurs flush with water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice.

Recommended dosage for fabric softener:

  • For top loading machines: use the cap for needful dose and add it to final rinse.
  • For front loading machines: just dose softener in the specified drawer.
  • For Large Load or an extra dose of softness & freshness 6-7 Kg, use 140ml.
  • For normal to medium loads 4-5 Kg, use 110ml.
  • For hand washing 55 ml to 10 Ltr water.

Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool and dry place.

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